About Us

Just an hour away from Lisbon and a few kilometres from the famous beaches of Comporta, you will find an oasis of unparalleled tranquillity between the breathtaking landscapes. From idleness to land and the classic car collection, the surrounding nature offers a multitude of possibilities, for body and soul.

Under the charm of the energy released by this corner of paradise, an Italian family acquired what used to be the ruins of a mine and transformed it into what is today Herdade Terra Rica. The family estate has in its genesis values of life, tradition and prosperity. It all started as a place for the family to reunite, quickly becoming their perfect place to unwind and take a break from the fast-paced world of today. After having spent unforgettable moments at the estate in Alcacer Do Sal with family and friends, enjoying yoga, driving in

Classic Cars to the beach and walking in nature. Georgia, the owner’s granddaughter had the wish to share the serenity of the place with others.
Herdade Terra Rica invites you to travel between luxury, serenity and nature.